JavaTM API for XML Processing Release Notes

Specification Version: 1.4
Reference Implementation (RI) Version: 1.4.1
March 20, 2007

JAXP 1.4.1 is the first patch release for JAXP 1.4 FCS which was released on Oct. 31, 2006. Since then, there have been many bugs and issues filed against JAXP 1.4, JDK 6.0 or SJSXP. This release therefore, covers not only changes and fixes in JAXP sources, but also those made in SJSXP and ported into JAXP.

The JAXP 1.4 release corresponded to the Java SE 6.0 release. The JAXP 1.4 FCS build image contains the same code as that in Java SE 6.0. As changes are made to the JAXP code, some of the important changes have been integrated into the futher updates for Java SE 6.

Fixes/changes and known issues

  1. Validating DOM level 1 documents
    A regression was introduced into JAXP 1.4 and Java SE 6.0 in that a DOM generated by code from a DocumentBuilder using DOM level 1 methods (createElement, etc) fails validation against an XML schema. A Document created of a simple file without setting NamespaceAware to true on DocumentBuilderFactory will also fail validation as discussed in Santiago Pericas-Geertsen's Blog. This issue has been reported in 6531160 and fixed in this release.

  2. There are two known issues with support for the SAX EntityResolver2 interface in JAXP.
    1. Bug 6524042: Calls to the resolveEntity() method sometimes fail to report the name of the entity being resolved. The public and system identifiers and the base URI are reported correctly.
    2. Bug 6524460: The getExternalSubset() method is not called if the document has no document type declaration.

    These bugs will be fixed in a future release.

  3. For all changes and fixes made in the JAXP 1.4.1 release, please refer to:

    The JAXP 1.4.1 Change Log
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