Changes Made and Bugs Fixed in JAXP 1.4.2

Nr Category ID/Class Synopsis/Description
1 JAXP Missing Classes Restore missing classes in JAXP RI 1.4.1 that prevented it from running on top of JDK 1.4.
2 JAXP/STAX XMLEventReader NPE When creating a StAXSource from an XMLEventReader, don't NPE if the events returned by the reader don't have a location. This occurs, for example, when the events are coming from a transformation.
3 JAXP/STAX XMLEvent Location Make sure XMLEvent never returns null when getLocation() is called; instead, return a Location object that represents unknown per the JavaDoc for Location.
4 JAXP/validation Issue 30 None value recognition of minOccurs and maxOccurs.
5 JAXP/XSLT 6175602 Compilation of StarOffice wordml XSLT filter via XSLTC throws exception.
6 JAXP/XSLT 6537167 XSLTC java.lang.NoSuchFieldError for XSLT that runs OK in Java 5.
7 JAXP/STAX 6555001 StAX parser don't handle entities correctly.
8 JAXP/DOM 6517707 org.w3c.dom.Node.setNodeValue(String) does not throw expected DOMException.
9 JAXP/XSLT 6551600 StreamResult fails with UNC paths.
10 JAXP/DOM 6517717 org.w3c.dom.Node.setPrefix(String prefix) throws incorrect DOMException.
11 JAXP/XSLT Issue 15 Error in applying XSLT Transformer with StaXSource.
12 JAXP/XSLT 6559595 HTML serialization has special ampersand handling of URL containing attributes.
13 JAXP/XSLT 6505031 Problems using xsl:key with multiple input documents.
14 JAXP/STAX 6551616 Bug in

Changes Made and Bugs Fixed in JAXP 1.4.1

Nr Category ID/Class Synopsis/Description
1 JAXP/DOM 6521260 DOM attributes can become unsorted
2 JAXP/DOM 6526547 JAXP behaving different for schema validation in Java 1.5 and Java 1.6
3 JAXP/DOM 6531160 1.6: DOM level 1 documents cannot be validated with a Schema, works with 1.5
4 JAXP/DOM3 4963562 revert changes made in support of features being optional, final version of spec is mandatory. in support of: CR 4963562: DOMConfiguration: some required Document configuration properties are not supported
5 JAXP/Parse 6311448 XML transformer failed to output surrorates pair.
6 JAXP/Performance 6478375 JAXP debug messages unnecessarily calculate expensive strings.
7 JAXP/SAX 6518733 Regression: SAX not correctly handling attributes with newlines
8 JAXP/STAX 6489890 XMLEventReader's initial state is incorrect when created using an XMLStreamReader
9 JAXP/STAX N/A Error occurred while trying to cache START_ELEMENT$InternalNamespaceContext. The filter implementation is trying to cache the NamesapceContext. It assumes the implementation of the NamespaceContext class ,hence the classcast exception.
10 JAXP/STAX 6498139 Buffer allocations in SJSXP introduce large constant factors
11 JAXP/STAX 6500909 getAttributeName throws nullpointer exception for an element without attribute
12 JAXP/STAX 6509774 Can't parse document with doctype declaration without retrieving DTD
13 JAXP/STAX Issue 1 getNamespaceURI(String prefix) returns incorrect results
14 JAXP/STAX Issue 12 toString method of XMLGregorianCalendar does not return a valid dateTime value
15 JAXP/STAX Issue 17 Exception not thrown when next() called after hasNext() == false
16 JAXP/STAX Issue 18 NullPointerException thrown if DTD has no internal subset
17 JAXP/STAX Issue 21 IllegalStateException for XMLStreamReaderImpl.getLocalName() not thrown correctly
18 JAXP/STAX Issue 22 XMLStreamReaderImpl.hasName() returns true on PROCESSING_INSTRUCTION
19 JAXP/STAX Issue 24 Inconsistent behavior for getPrefix() when no prefix
20 JAXP/STAX Issue 27 IllegalArgumentException not thrown for XMLReaderImpl.getNamespaceURI(null)
21 JAXP/STAX Issue 28 NullPointerException thrown by XMLStreamWriterImpl.getProperty(String)
22 JAXP/STAX Issue 32 NullPointerException in XMLDOMWriterImpl.writeCharacters()
23 JAXP/STAX Issue 34 getPrefix returns namespace prefix of the previous element written using writeEmptyElement.
24 JAXP/STAX Issue 35 XMLStreamReader can't parse schema for XML Schema.
25 JAXP/STAX Filtered Stream Reader Refer to the SJSXP 1.0.1 Release Notes, the filtered stream reader was rewritten in an effort to make it more compatible with that in other implementations. The new class passed the JSR173 TCK.
26 JAXP/XPATH 4991857 Report an error if the context node used to initialize a NodeSequence is DTM.NULL. This should only happen if there's a problem with the context, or if the context is null. This addresses the evaluation of the "self::node()" expression with a null context.
27 JAXP/XPath 6354969 Bug in XPathFactory.newInstance() method
28 JAXP/XSLT 6481337 SAX2DOM creates JAXP SAXParserFactory unnecessarily
29 JAXP/XSLT 6513892 redirect encodes output file using the platform's default charset
30 JAXP/XSLTC 6384805 Fixes regression caused by patch for CR 6384805. Must override addAttribute(String, String, String, String, String) because the one from base class does not apply to this class. Note that this class delegates to the actual serializer, so the state inherited from SerializerBase is not actually used.
31 JAXP/XSLTC 6384805 Patch for CR 6384805. Implementation of xsltc.runtime.AttributeList was buggy, it mixed prefixes and URIs. Since it was pretty memory inefficient as well, I modified the code to use AttributesImpl helper from the SAX package (already part of JAXP). Moreover, I've modified the places where attributes are added to make sure that their URIs are passed.
32 JAXP/Validation 6509668 Wrong TypeInfoProvider.getElementTypeInfo() behavior
33 Performance XMLOutputFactoryImpl Porting patch applied to standalone SJSXP. Make instances of this class thread safe to enable pooling and re-usability.
34 Performance XMLStreamWriterImpl Porting original patch from SJSXP to JAXP 1.4. Set certain variables to null in close() so that the objects can be garbage collected. This is particularly useful when writers are pooled and re-used.
35 JAXP/XSLT 6490380 Doctype declaration appears twice before and after XML declaration
36 JAXP/XSLT 6490921 The transformer API sometimes ignores the property org.xml.sax.driver
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