JavaTM API for XML Processing Release Notes

Specification Version: 1.4
Reference Implementation (RI) Version: 1.4.3
Jan. 27, 2010

In this release, we have included 77 changes, improvement and bug fixes for JAXP and SJSXP. Most of the fixes went into JDK6 update 18 and OpenJDK7 M5. A few more recent fixes would go into future JDK6 update release and OpenJDK7 M6.

Important changes and improvement

Changes and bug fixes are listed in the JAXP 1.4.3 Change Log. The followings are some important changes and improvement.

  1. Secure processing
    The Feature for Secure Processing in JAXP has been enhanced and several issues have been resolved to improve security in XML processing in the JDK. Refer to Sun Security Blog for Advance notification of Security Updates for Java SE.

  2. Performance improvement
    There have been several performance improvement in XML parsing, validation and transformation reflected in the SPECjvm2007 and SPECjvm2008 benchmark tests. The biggest improvement was made against early JDK6 release when a 87% gain was registered in the overall XML score. Other than that, there have also been single percentage improvement in various areas.

  3. Conformance
    There have been some conformant improvement, especially in the StAX component SJSXP where many conformant requests have been fixed. In July, 2009, JSR 173: Streaming API for XML passed and finalized Maintenance Review 3. The JAXP standalone was then updated to the resulting StAX 1.2 in Oct. 2009. The StAX implementation (SJSXP) in this release has been upgraded to JSR 173: Streaming API for XML Maintenance Review 3, that is, StAX 1.2.

  4. For all changes and fixes made in the JAXP 1.4.3 release, please refer to:

    The JAXP 1.4.3 Change Log
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