JavaTM API for XML Processing Release Notes

Specification Version: 1.4
Reference Implementation (RI) Version: 1.4.4
Sept. 3, 2010

The drivers of this release are several regressions from JDK 6 Update Release 18 and customer escalations. This release will be integrated into JDK6 Update release 23 as well as the current JDK7 development branch. Please read below for details on the change log.

Changes and bug fixes in the release:

  1. Regressions
    Before JDK6 Update 18, bug fixes and improvements in JAXP were selectively integrated into JDK6 update releases. During update 18, there was a complete synchronization between the JDK and JAXP. Due to the number of changes made and the age of these changes, there were several regressions found in the release. All of the currently-identified regressions have been fixed in this release.

  2. Customer escalations
    Customer escaltions are generally provided through revision releases immediately after they are fixed. The inclusion here is a recount and serves as a record for JDK7 integration.

  3. Performance improvements
    There have been continued effort in performance improvements as a result of SPECjvm2008 benchmark tests and analysis.

  4. Apache Update
    JAXP 1.4 is based on Xerces 2.7.1 and Xalan 2.7. Starting from this release, JAXP 1.4.4, we will sync up to Xerces 2.10.0 and Xalan 2.7.1 over a period of releases in phases. In the first phase of this sync-up, all blockers and critical fixes from Xerces and Xalan are integrated.

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