Changes Made and Bugs Fixed in JAXP 1.4.4

Nr Category ID Synopsis/Description
1 JAXP/SAX/Error Handling 6921075 FactoryConfigurationError is not chaining the exception properly
2 JAXP/XSLT/Performance 6922044 XSLTC performance regression in 1.6.0_18
3 JAXP/XSLT 6689809 Jaxp Issue 60: XSLT transformer ignores XPath predicates in xsl:key elements
4 JAXP/Validation 6925531 A validation of a SAXSource always fails if SecurityManager is set
5 JAXP/XSLT 6928198 reset() method in the Transformer does not reset to its original state, causes the memory to grow.
6 JAXP/DOM 6909336 OpenJDK Issue 100123: XMLDOMWriterImpl throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
7 JAXP/Doc 6653982 Wrong link in javadoc for XMLConstants and DatatypeFactory
8 JAXP/Performance 6935738 Jaxp Issue 61 and 62: Perf. optimization for QName.equals(...)
9 JAXP/Validation 6936624 sharing cached schema causing cvc-complex-type.2.4.b error
10 JAXP/Performance 6938276 lock contention reduction in jaxp XSComplexTypeDecl.getContentModel(CMBuilder cmBuilder)
11 JAXP/XSLT/Regression(6u18) 6940416 Regression in 6u18 wrt XSL/T processing
12 JAXP/XSLT 6941869 XSL : Xalan transformer fails to process semicolumn symbol in a count() function correctly
13 JAXP/SAX/Regression 6946312 XML parser omits characters callback to ContentHandler since 6u18
14 JAXP/SAX 6949607 Jaxp Issue 63 : attribute is accessible with invalid namespace
15 JAXP/Conformance 6937964 XML Duration do not conform to W3C specifications
16 JAXP/SAX 6954755 The setXIncludeAware method in SAXParserFactory throws obscure error message
17 JAXP/XSLT/Regression 6957215 JDK6u18 XSLT regression: xsl:copy-of failing to copy generated attributes
18 JAXP/Performance 6908123 refactor variants
19 JAXP/StAX 6846133 StAX XMLEventReader DTD issues
20 JAXP/SAX 6925410 XMLReaderFactory.createXMLReader is very slow
21 JAXP/StAX 6756677 [StAX] XMLInputFactory.newInstance(String factoryId, ...) treats property name as a property value
22 JAXP/Validation 6954738 StackOverflowError during XML schema validation

Apache Blockers and Critical Fixes

Nr Key Synopsis/Description
1 XERCESJ-1094 Xerces in infinite loop validating wrongly encoded XML 1.1 documents
2 XERCESJ-773 Poor performance when processing schemas with high values of maxOccurs
3 XERCESJ-682 Comination of fields in <xsd:unique> acts as <xsd:key>
4 XERCESJ-506 warn-on-undeclared-element feature not recognized
5 XERCESJ-206 Stack overflow when using a schema validation.
6 XERCESJ-1357 pattern causes the parser to hang
7 XERCESJ-1174 PSVIElementNSImpl.getNil()
8 XERCESJ-1101 Validating DocumentBuilder instance fails to parse more than one XML document.
9 XERCESJ-1326 StackOverflowException when parsing against a schema with a pattern
10 XERCESJ-1456 Regular expression is incorrectly handled in pattern facet
11 XERCESJ-1389 RegEx matching: range not computed correctly
12 XERCESJ-1388 RegEx matching: when computing backreferences, "\dd" must match group "dd" if group exists
13 XERCESJ-1377 Thread safety problem in RegularExpression
14 XERCESJ-1061 Regex "$" and "^" characters treated as special chars in conflict with XML Schema spec
15 XERCESJ-1265 E2-67 not fully implemented; rejecting regular expressions like ~[-], ~[^-]
16 XERCESJ-1336 Add a new property for setting the locale used for reporting error messages.
17 XALANJ-2290 ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when xsl:varaible storing RTF result
18 XALANJ-2204 Function Count on variable modifies number of nodes in variable.
19 XALANJ-2199 Xalan 2.7.0 Error parsing XPath expression
20 XALANJ-2285 count function applied to union as test of node identity is broken
21 XALANJ-2184 cp850, cp860 serialization fails
22 XALANJ-2083 Data corrupted in Parallel XSL execution
23 XALANJ-2324 XPath function last() gives wrong result when select has a predicate
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