JavaTM API for XML Processing Release Notes

Specification Version: 1.4
Reference Implementation (RI) Version: 1.4.5
May 5, 2011

The primary goal of this release, JAXP version 1.4.5, is to support the OpenJDK version 7.0 requirements for the new Java Compatibility Kit(JCK) in addition to resolving critical issues in the areas of conformance, performance, regressions among others. This release also includes updates from Apache. JAXP 1.4.5 sources will also be integrated into OpenJDK version 7.0 apart from being available as a separate project. Please read below for more details about this release.

Changes and bug fixes in the release:

  1. High priority issues
    As a release requirement of the JDK7, reported issues from P1 to P3 have been given priorities for this release. See Change Log for more details.

  2. Conformance
    Over 20 conformance issues have been evaluated during the development of this release. A few have been excluded from the JCK or postponed to the first JDK7 update, 12 of the issues have been fixed and included in this release.

  3. Performance
    We continued to make performance improvement and address performance issues after new features have been added. Overall performance of this release is about 7 to 13% better than the last release dependening on operation environment.

  4. Localization
    With a great effort from the localization team, all previous non-localized messages have been translated into languages supported by the JDK.

  5. Security
    Security issues and improvement made through the Oracle Java SE and Java for Business Critical Patch Update, February 2011 edition, are included in this release.

  6. Apache Update
    JAXP 1.4 is based on Xerces 2.7.1 and Xalan 2.7. In JAXP 1.4.4, we made a partial sync-up with Xerces 2.10.0 and Xalan 2.7.1, which included all of the blockers and critical fixes. In this release, we have further included some fixes in the Major category.

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