Changes Made and Bugs Fixed in JAXP 1.4.5

Nr Category ID Synopsis/Description
1 JAXP/JAXP/Conformance 6938436 xjc fails if attribute-value in a schema contains leading, trailing space (~#x20) characters
2 JAXP/JAXP/Conformance 6943252 Schema compiler allows to use value of fractionDigits that is more than allowed by base type
3 JAXP/JAXP/Conformance 6970890 Single XML char "-" in a regex char class expression
4 JAXP/JAXP/Conformance 6963124 Reference to all model group allows maxOccurs > 1
5 JAXP/JAXP/Conformance 6963468 Error reported for a valid element substitution
6 JAXP/JAXP/Conformance 6989956 Wrong error message if maxOccurs in Choice less than maxOccurs in Elements contained in the Choice
7 JAXP/JAXP/Conformance 6977201 Validator incorrectly interprets an empty regex pattern
8 JAXP/JAXP/Conformance 6975265 Schema parser allows some Element Information Items contain other element information item
9 JAXP/JAXP/Conformance 6972140 Regex's with wrong char range pattern are accepted by validator and schema parser
10 JAXP/JAXP/Conformance 6964720 The inexpressible union of two attribute wildcards should be reported as an error
11 JAXP/JAXP/Conformance 6956386 Xerces handles the "Unique Particle Attribution Constraint" ambiguously
12 JAXP/JAXP/Conformance 6937951 XMLGregorianCalendar do not handle T24:00:00 correctly
13 JAXP/JAXP/Conformance 6927050 Features set on SchemaFactory not inherited by Validator
14 JAXP/JAXP/Performance 6956363 reducing throwing of XMLConfigurationException can improve SPECjvm2008 xml.validation by 10%
15 JAXP/JAXP/Validation 6695843 JAXP Issue 47: Xerces - complexType with simpleContent facet violation message not helpful
16 JAXP/JAXP/StAX 6631264 sjsxp issue 45: XMLStreamReader.hasName() should return false for ENTITY_REFERENCE
17 JAXP/JAXP/Other 6979306 Xalan, Xerces and Crimson versions in jaxp and Java SE 1.4.2, 5.0 and 6
18 JAXP/JAXP/Validation 7014220 UTF lexical presentation of some new digits accepted by XML document validator with JAXP 1.4.5
19 JAXP/JAXP/Localization 7001986 NLS: jaxp resource bundles cannot be processed by translation team
20 JAXP/JAXP/Localization 6904166 jdk-jaxp localization -- Xerces
21 JAXP/JAXP/Other 6999203 jaxp-test for conformance bug 6756677 still fails
22 JAXP/JAXP/Parse 6992561 Encoding of SystemId in Locator in JDK 6
23 JAXP/JAXP/DOM 7003147 DOMImplementation.getFeature() requires "+" prefix for XPath, contrary to spec
24 JAXP/JAXP/Other 6841137 missing hashCode()
25 JAXP/JAXP/Other 7021889 XNIException swallows the cause of error
26 JAXP/JAXP/Other 6723276 Confusion between bootstrap and system class loaders in FactoryFinder.findJarServiceProvider
27 JAXP/JAXP/XSLT 6582749 TransformerFactory.setFeature missing an @since 1.5 javadoc tag

Apache Major Fixes

Nr Key Synopsis/Description
1 XERCESJ-380 stackOverflow with maxOccurs over 5000 and less than unbounded
2 XERCESJ-1260 DTDGrammar is not thread-safe, but needs to be in order to work with grammar pools.
3 XERCESJ-1238 Reference to "all" model group allows maxOccurs > 1
4 XERCESJ-1159 NullPointerException when a pattern has a annotation and the simple type is inheirted and a new pattern is added
5 XERCESJ-1079 invalid value returned for TOTALDIGITS facet in case of simple types derived from decimal
6 XERCESJ-1237 Types derived from xs:integer allow fractionDigits to be specified with values other than zero.
7 XERCESJ-1360 XML Schema API Usability improvements: java.util.List, java.util.Map and utility methods
8 XERCESJ-1066 Restriction+choice+substitutionGroup error
9 XERCESJ-1032 Bizarre interaction between choice restrictions and substitutionGroups
10 XERCESJ-1209 "union" and "list" are not allowed as values of block and blockDefault
11 XERCESJ-1233 Canonical lexical value produced for duration is invalid if seconds very large or very small.
12 XERCESJ-1117 LSException should contain cause exception
13 XERCESJ-1313 JAXP 1.4: Support StAXSource as an input to SchemaFactory
14 XERCESJ-1183 Entity resolver returning DOMInputSource causes base URI to be lost
15 XERCESJ-1068 Doing Object comparison when Strings are compared
16 XERCESJ-1107 [PATCH] Cleanup inefficient StringBuffer code
17 XERCESJ-1196 Javadoc generation fails on Java SE 5.0
18 XERCESJ-1240 A choice between an empty sequence and 1 or more non-empty particles should allow an empty sequence.
19 XERCESJ-1308 XSObject.getNamespaceItem() was never implemented; always returns null.
20 XERCESJ-1149 NPE on getAnnotation() for not present in schema datatype
21 XERCESJ-1336 Add a new property for setting the locale used for reporting error messages.
22 XERCESJ-1372 More complete recovery from schema loading errors
23 XERCESJ-1232 Canonical lexical value produced for dateTime and time is incorrect.
24 XERCESJ-1323 XSDateTime.getXMLGregorianCalendar() loses precision for fractional digits and inserts timezones where there are none.
25 XERCESJ-1286 Schema validator allows values of xs:gYear to contain less than 4 digits
26 XERCESJ-1309 XSComplexTypeDefinition.getAnnotations() returns null for xs:anyType; should return an empty list.
27 XERCESJ-1374 Schema DOM: NPE inside ElementImpl for null namespace URI
28 XERCESJ-1340 XSDHandler incorrectly processes the extensions of XMLInputSource.
29 XERCESJ-1124 Nonspecific schema error message
30 XERCESJ-1239 The inexpressible union of two attribute wildcards should be reported as an error.
31 XERCESJ-1229 Ranges with CDATASection/Comment/ProcessingInstruction end points not updated when document
32 XERCESJ-1278 Anonymous type name is not assigned to the simple type definition of a complex type derived by restriction from a complex type with simple content.
33 XERCESJ-1348 XSNamedMap for types may throw an NPE from itemByName() if the item is not in the map.
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