Changes Made and Bugs Fixed in JAXP 1.6.0

Nr Category Bug ID Synopsis/Description
1 JAXP/pluggability JDK-8005954 JAXP Plugability Layer should use java.util.ServiceLoader
2 JAXP/documentation JDK-8025745 Clarify API documentation of JAXP factories.
3 JAXP/other JDK-8013434 Xalan and Xerces internal ObjectFactory need rework
4 JAXP/comformance JDK-8015243 SchemaFactory does not catch enum. value that is not in the value space of the base type, anyURI.
5 JAXP/other JDK-8016500 Unlocalized warnings
6 JAXP/StAX JDK-8013502 Improve stream factories
7 JAXP/XSLT JDK-8012425 Transform TransformerFactory
8 JAXP/common JDK-8017298 Better XML support
9 JAXP/common JDK-8014530 Better digital signature processing
10 JAXP/XSLT JDK-8004476 XSLT Extension Functions Don't Work in WebStart
11 JAXP/XSLT JDK-8027484 Implementation error in
12 JAXP/StAX JDK-8024378 StAX parser shall support JAXP properties
13 JAXP/Scanner JDK-8028111 XML readers share the same entity expansion counter
14 JAXP/Parsing JDK-8029955 AIOB in XMLEntityScanner.scanLiteral upon parsing literals with > 100 LF chars
15 JAXP/Parsing JDK-8027359 XML parser returns incorrect parsing results
16 JAXP/StAX JDK-8028822 Error in the documentation for newFactory method of the factories
17 JAXP/StAX JDK-8032392 Spec:, ClassLoader) referring to ServiceLoader.load(Class, ClassLoader)
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